Microwave Measurements Laboratory


Class taught with Ralph Pasquinelli of Fermilab for the USPAS. Students are awarded full credit equivalent to graduate course at the host university. Taught at:

Hand-on labs include:

1.Spectrum AnalyzerMeasurement of simple signals on a spectrum analyzer to understand resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, dynamic range, noise, etc.
2.TDRMeasurement of characteristics of various connector families, transmission lines, complex loads.
3.ComponentsMeasurement of the s-parameters of a variety of microwave components.
4.Beam SignalsUtilize an arbitrary function generator to simulate beam signals from the accelerator, AM for betatron signals, FM for synchrotron signals.
5.NoiseConsists of measuring the noise performance of a microwave amplifier. The amplifier will then be part of a “system” and noise performance of the system will be compared to individual noise performance of the components.
6.MatchingDesign and build a simple single stub transmission line matching circuit.
7.RF CavitiesMeasure mode spectrums of a cavity, the cavity coupling, loaded and unloaded Q, the electric field profile and R/Q of a cavity by the bead pull method.
8.Vector Signal AnalyzerUse of a vector signal analyzer for measuring Am and FM modulation.
9.WaveguidesMeasurements with LRL 550B Microwave Student Lab.
10.MixersMeasurements with double balanced mixers, linearity, conversion loss, intermodulation products.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate Electromagnetism.


2Transmission LinesMcGinnispdf video1 video2
3Network Analyzer BasicsPasquinellipdf
4Spectrum Analyzer BasicsPasquinellipdf
5RF CavitiesMcGinnispdf video
6Time Domain ReflectometerPasquinellipdf video1 video2
7Accelerator Beam SignalsMcGinnispdf video
8Noise in Electronic SystemsPasquinellipdf eqns Agilent video
9RF Systems for AcceleratorsPasquinellipdf video
10Vector Signal AnalyzerPasquinellipdf
11Microwave ComponentsPasquinellipdf
12Mixers and Frequency ConversionPasquinellipdf


1VSWR measurement with LRL kitPasquinellipdf
2Impedance measurements LRL kitMcGinnispdf
3Matching with transmission linesMcGinnispdf
4Spectrum analyzer basicsPasquinellipdf
5Measure cavity coupling and QMcGinnispdf
6Cavity bead pull measurementsMcGinnispdf
7Use of a TDRPasquinellipdf
8Beam signalsMcGinnispdf
9Noise figurePasquinellipdf
10Vector Signal Analyzer labPasquinellipdf
11Component measurementsPasquinellipdf

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